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Educational Funding Refunds

Educational Funding Refunds

Title IV federal school funding will immediately spend present year institutional fees (in other words. tuition, costs, space and board) or more to $200 of previous 12 months institutional fees. Title IV federal aid that is financial perhaps perhaps maybe not immediately spend non-institutional costs such as for example library fines, parking licenses, parking fines, and wellness center costs. Pupils may authorize the college to cover all non-institutional costs for the year that is current as much as $200 of previous year non-institutional costs online via Duckweb. Pupils may nevertheless owe a stability to their payment account fully for previous 12 months fees or for present 12 months costs if authorization to pay for non-institutional costs with federal aid that is financial perhaps maybe not provided. Because of this, some fees may nevertheless be current in the bill despite the fact that a reimbursement ended up being delivered. Pupils have the effect of reviewing their account and ensuring all costs are compensated because of the deadline.

To authorize the UO to make use of Title IV school funding funds to non-institutional fees on your own college payment account:

Enter Duckweb through the UO Homepage. Login along with your UO ID and PAC.

  • Select Scholar Menu
  • Choose Title IV Authorization
  • Offer your authorization
  • Select Save

To rescind your authorization or if you have actually concerns, be sure to contact pupil Billing byemail or call (541) 346-3170. Continue reading Educational Funding Refunds