Vocal coaching

We cover all aspects of vocal coaching including singing, performing, speaking, or vocal problems.

We believe in supporting and guiding students –  helping to educate the whole individual in mind, body and spirit and allowing them freedom of expression on their musical journey.


We offer help with the following:

  • Technique – including posture, breathing technique, biology of the voice box and how to use it to its fullest capacity, mouth shapes, resonance, and overcoming voice problems
  • Psychology of singing – including confidence building, visualisation and focus
  • Singing for fun and the feel-good factor

Whether you are singing for fun or want to further your music career – VoxSkool! is the place to express your personality and draw out the inner you. Come and sing your favourite songs and walk out the door buzzing!


Once you have the best parts of your vocal knowledge in place  it’s the time to get real experience on a stage and walk the walk!

We can help with:

  • Microphone technique
  • How to deal with nerves and pre-gig sickness or stage fright
  • Performance skills and tips
  • Recording prep and demo service, gig prep, touring prep, audition advice and practice
  • Album advice and help with selecting songs
  • Development for singer-songwriter-instrumentalists…and the list goes on!

We have a full PA system with mics and props to get you started in this area and also for practice in between gigs and shows.

VoxSkool actively encourage their singers to get involved with charity concerts and shows and to use all the skills learnt over the past months by putting them into real life action!

We put on at least one concert a year and are always thinking of ideas and ways to place you out there in front of the public.


If you don’t want to sing but would like to learn the art of speaking clearly and confidently we can help you.

VoxSkool! will show you how to gain the confidence to speak in public places with the correct technique and placement of the voice, in any situation such as:

  • At work with colleagues
  • Public speaking at work, seminars, celebrations or funerals
  • One-to-one conversations
  • Group conversations in noisy atmospheres and more

We aim to find the best solution for each individual. We use speech therapy techniques, breathing techniques and good old fashioned inspiration to get you speaking.

Voice problems

Our vocal training can help with all sorts of voice problems. For example:

  •  Croak or cough when you speak
  • Lose your voice after short periods of time or after a gig
  • Have a sore throat from emotional stress
  • Struggle to speak at a quiet level
  • Can only sing one octave
  • Would like more power
  • Find it difficult to speak over the TV or in crowded places

All these things can be addressed and worked through at VoxSkool! where you can learn voice projection and control and to find your ‘true voice’.

For the singer in you!